Earn Upto PKR 10,000

We Are Going To Offering Great Affiliation Program of PKR 10,000 To Our Pakistani Members Of urllinker.com

The Users of Urllinker Must Be Verified and Completed Their Profile.
The Amount Will Be Disburse To Top 50 Referral Makers.
Minimum Eligibility Start From 222 Verified Signups.
The Amount they can Accumulate Based On 50 Top Rankings.
Maximum Amount Will be Disburse to 1st one and The Remaining will Be Similar To Ranking.
The Participants Can Reserve Upto 22 PKR on an Real Account.
Dublicate Registrar or Same IP Signups Will Be Excluded From Participants Referrals.
The Referrals Much Be Have Verify Their Profile Through Withdrawing or Depositing Must Be 3% of Members If Have Made 250 Referrals Must Have 7-8 Membership has Verified Accounts Via Legal Channels.
The Program conditions will be valid until 15 May 2020
Amount Disbursement Formula
Total Eligibile 10 Rate on /Signup 4 PKR
Total Eligibile 20 Rate on /Signup 2 PKR
Total Eligibile 30 Rate on /Signup 1 PKR
Pattern Will Be Followed For 50 Eligibile

We Reserved The Rights To Change the Program Terms & Conditions.

For participation submission complete the below form.



Published on: 1/2/20, 5:51 PM