Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy of

Under the use of this website, you need to consider all the required conditions. The conditions are holding importance regarding your data privacy that the site holds under some circumstances.


There are several things including visiting data and under member policy data kept in the system and need in the system long-run data management.


We show you all the regarding things including your privacy interests and all the related things for concerning matters.


Data Privacy

Users who are just limited to using the main free use of this site in any permissible feature on this site. They have to understand the things sites include for users the sense of users’ privacy.

Member Under Known

In times of system development, we have set some criteria for registries and unknown usage of the system is prominent for system and we put checks based on system interests.

The unknown registries are very common with the system to use the main simple functionality of the system.

The system reminds the users on occasions for privacy and based on different affairs.


Identify the system and more recognizable with the system for different system advantages and disadvantages.   

The users who are attached to the system for serious concerns as they know what they are what the system needs for it.


We make things based on improving the functionality and uses interests, therefore, we are not here to providing your known facts and figures to any unknown unable member/group to make sure the system kept data on there on private/shared server with the chances of enough security.