Terms of Use


Terms of Services by urllinker.com

Continuing with the site and interacting with the main core functionality of the system is very convenient and therefore we make some terms for it to make it more workable for long periods.


You need to read all the provided guidance based on system data management in different terms.


We constantly work on the system as availability of occasions to update the terms and provide reasonable changes in terms to make it not much against the user’s interests.


Terms for Usage

We have set some rules not hard and fast or not have any kind of complexity to make it more imposing behavior.


The users just need to recognize the site as a service for making the web shorter and easy to access in different ways.

As you know the web has the links to move and jump from one to the other and make your journey useful.


Therefore we try to tell the know registries for different conditions based on user’s interest and for Eco-system.

You must follow the right guidelines based on the real advertiser and publisher environment of revenue stream so if any kind of cheating mechanism used on the system we have reserved all the rights to revoke account membership and revoke all balance as well. 

We are liable to make it workable as the system holds the solid reasons for based interests and traffic mover for different conditions.

As system need to workable and have the security of trust or trustless environment for distributing the levels of links the redirecting traffic towards desired sources.


We know the system working behavior and system acknowledgment in different circumstances.

Therefore we try to make it enough work to bring it that levels where the web industry wants to attach it and integrate with it.


As it seems to be very little thing and not much prominent for the system. Even if the system neglect it again it's importance is based on different I interests.

Currently, we are allowing the system known registrars to use the system as a serious service holder and make it much beneficial for the system and for the web.


The System does not allow violence in the sense of threatening or destructive changes in the system.

We want to tell and aware of the unknown and known registrars for regularly based keep the system in your interests.


Any long or short term violence in the system should be users for penalizing them and will be punished by the rule of terms.