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Providing world class links shortening platform to make your longer links shorter and share around the websites anywhere easily and get access and track your statistics. The platform is providing you to make money from your links if you are agree with the agreement of a platform terms and condition to monetize your links.

Published on: 5/4/20, 9:43 AM

What is Urllinker Exactly?

The Urlllinker introduces the new name with sort form of URL Universal Resource Location and the Linker the website address which tells their visitors and overall Worldwide independently the vastly used linking and linked as well as the linker term used widely in form of webs industry. The platform provided an independent and all in one option to full fill your linking and shorting needs regarding links traffic, tracking and posting/sharing.

How Works

Currently, URL Linker is based upon basic web technologies such as Hypertext Preprocessor and Other Web Related native tools to maintain user's data and their requirements on the platform. the platform has minimized the complexity of API and links tracking methodologies. URL Link is based upon Simple, Fast and Responsive user interface platforms without any additional conditions. The visitors/Users of URLLinker can use the platform link shorting feature with registration and also without registration. We kept data as long as someone contacts us to remove or manipulate accordingly.

How To Earn From URLLinker

It is required to become our earning user you need to verify your self in just less than usually 1 minute on platform start using additional tools provided by the platform. After Verification of email or some case not required for email verification. 

Following Steps To Sign-up At URL Linker

Published on: 2/23/20, 5:06 PM

We Are Going To Offering Great Affiliation Program of PKR 10,000 To Our Pakistani Members Of

The Users of Urllinker Must Be Verified and Completed Their Profile.
The Amount Will Be Disburse To Top 50 Referral Makers.
Minimum Eligibility Start From 222 Verified Signups.
The Amount they can Accumulate Based On 50 Top Rankings.
Maximum Amount Will be Disburse to 1st one and The Remaining will Be Similar To Ranking.
The Participants Can Reserve Upto 22 PKR on an Real Account.
Dublicate Registrar or Same IP Signups Will Be Excluded From Participants Referrals.
The Referrals Much Be Have Verify Their Profile Through Withdrawing or Depositing Must Be 3% of Members If Have Made 250 Referrals Must Have 7-8 Membership has Verified Accounts Via Legal Channels.
The Program conditions will be valid until 15 May 2020
Amount Disbursement Formula
Total Eligibile 10 Rate on /Signup 4 PKR
Total Eligibile 20 Rate on /Signup 2 PKR
Total Eligibile 30 Rate on /Signup 1 PKR
Pattern Will Be Followed For 50 Eligibile

We Reserved The Rights To Change the Program Terms & Conditions.

Published on: 1/2/20, 5:51 PM

If you have decided to earn money from URL Iinker then you need to create your account first.

Create account

Click on the sign up button and fill the required fields which are required on the sign of form or you can simply login through your Google account by just clicking one click on Google button.

After filling all the required fields if you complete the sign up process manual and filled the required fields you need to confirm your email address through going to your mailbox and click the activation key.

Published on: 12/9/19, 8:47 PM